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 Course Information
Course: Inside The Mind of a Sexual Predator
Category: Investigation & Identification
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
This course is designed for all public safety personnel and law enforcement professionals. This course offers detailed analysis into the general mindset of sexually violent individuals from the mouths of those who perpetrated these types of gruesome crimes on unsuspecting citizens. This pioneering course utilizes authentic case samples from law enforcement and the social services community that the lecturer and recognized author, Dr. Lawrence J Simon has been a consultant for and utilized on task forces, including bizarre sex crimes, cold case sexual assaults and high profile serial homicides. Dr. Simon’s educational background, hands-on investigative research and experience trudging through the dark minds of the most unusual, violent, and deranged makes this course a must see. This specialized course brings together innovative approaches to the psychology behind the crime while analyzing and interpreting true accounts and the disturbing viewpoints of some of the most dangerous sex predators behind bars today, including inmates on death row. Dr. Simon probes the evolution and unsettling features of violent and non-violent sexual deviant pathology providing forethought and credible warning signs including such topics as necrophilia, pedophilia, cannibalism, criminal sexual sadism, war rape, voyeurism, bestiality, and serial lust murder.   
Lawrence J. Simon is the author of the book(s) “Murder by Numbers: Perspectives on Serial Sexual Violence” and “Mortal Desire: Origins of Sexual Violence” For over a decade he has devoted his services to law enforcement, legal and forensic professionals throughout the country and is recognized within the law enforcement community as one of the most knowledgeable, skilled and respected instructors on this very challenging subject. He has been a keynote speaker at major national and state-sponsored conferences across the United States and Canada. Thousands have attended his innovative training.
Cost $150.00 All Departments