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 Course Information
Course: Tactical Medicine for Patrol Officers; Self Aid
Category: Officer Survival & Unarmed Defense
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Class B Uniform / Practical Application Clothing
Motor vehicle stops, prisoner transfers, search warrants and field investigations can be challenging and can lead to dangerous situations where injury is imminent and medical care may be delayed.
This course will provide Officer’s with the tools to formulate an action plan that can save lives by caring for themselves and others. The program will include classroom lectures, round table discussions, demonstrations, practical exercises including simulated scenarios. Two days of comprehensive in class and hands on training designed to save lives.
* History and timeline of operational medicine   
* Tactical Field Care
* Overview of Tactical Combat Casualty Care
* Self-Aid / Buddy Aid
* Care under fire   
* Overview of Shock
* Bleeding control    
* Airway management
* Lifting and moving          
* Case study discussion  
* Field simulated training Exercises   
Class size limited to 25 students             
COSTS: $100.00, all attendees
7/31/20190800-1600Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough