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 Course Information
Course: Simunitions
Category: Firearms & SWAT
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Business Casual / Practical Application
This informative three day class (24 hour) course is designed to provide students with substantial hands –on experience with Simunitions® FX® training ammunitions technology, weapons conversion kits, and the Simunitions® line of protective equipment. Additionally, this course will provide in-depth, hands-on instruction in scenario-based training program development and training methodology, and will give critical practical experience to students on the best use of Simunitions® training products in a highly effective, realistic, extremely safe training program.
*** Registration and Payment should be made out to:***
Simunition, P.O. Box 576, Avon, CT 06001-0576, Ph. # 800-465-8255
Cost: New Certification - $620    Re-Certification - Attended class since 1999 - $320
10/8/20190900-1700Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough