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 Course Information
Course: Arrest Search & Seizure
Category: Law
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
This 2 ½ hour uniquely designed program updates the police administrator, supervisor, patrol officer or investigator in the recent developments in the laws pertaining to arrest, investigative detentions (with a special emphasis on stop & frisk, and motor vehicle stops), search warrants, and the exceptions to the written warrant requirement (including search incident to arrest, exigent circumstances, the automobile exception, consent, impound and inventory, plain view, plain touch, abandonment, and the administrative search exception). The seminar focuses on the court decisions, which have been recently handed down by the United States Supreme Court, the New Jersey Supreme Court, and the various panels of the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division. One of the unique aspects of the seminar is in its presentation: it simultaneously serves as a refresher for those officers who have not had the opportunity to attend an arrest, search and seizure update for a number of years.   
10/17/20190900-1300Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough