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 Course Information
Course: Advanced Search & Seizure Issues in Animal Cruelty Cases
Category: General Courses
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
This workshop will take a close look at the ever-changing Fourth Amendment requirements when responding to an animal cruelty complaint. Recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court and the N.J. Supreme Court are analyzed and discussed how they impact on law enforcement procedures. Attendees will take a close look at curtilage and open fields, plain view, problems with consent searches and other Fourth Amendment concepts; examine the developing emergency aid concept where an officer may use to take possession of animals that are in a life-threatening situation; examine the close link between animal cruelty and domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse and what they should do at the scene of an animal abuse complaint.
The workshop discusses the following major concepts and more:
  • When an arrest can be made in animal cruelty cases
  • What does "in the presence" mean?
  • What does the Fourth Amendment protect?
  • What is the difference between open view and plain view?
  • What does curtilage mean?  
  • What are open fields - Will “No Trespassing” Signs Work?
  • What are exigent circumstances
  • What is community caretaker
  • What is the difference between exigent circumstances and emergency aid
  • What are some Problems with Consent Searches
  • How happens when the defendant files a motion to suppress evidence
  • How to survive in court a motion to dismiss the charges
 COST: $139. 00 - All Departments $99.00 for 2 or more from the same agency
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