Please read this page PRIOR to completing your credentialing application!

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The credentialing program is designed to follow the NIMS directive to identify first responders and verify their training certifications. The goal of the program is to credential all first responders in Somerset County, whether they serve on a county agency or a municipal agency. Personnel from the disciplines of firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency medical service will be the targets of the initial efforts of the program. Eventually, the disciplines of public health, public works, search and rescue, hazmat, incident command, and others will be included in the program. The program will be managed by Somerset County through the municipal offices of emergency management.

First responders who are issued credentials must bear in mind that such credentials are NOT authority to self-deploy to any emergency scene. The credentials are to be used when your agency is officially requested to respond to an emergency scene.


Please check with your agency head to determine if your agency coordinator has been appointed prior to filling out your credentialing application. County Credentialing Project personnel cannot accept credentialing applications unless they have been submitted through your agency coordinator.

All applications must be printed out on paper once they are completed on the website. Each printed application will require the applicant’s ink signature prior to being submitted to the applicant’s agency coordinator. The agency coordinator will then continue the application process.

As you complete your application, please be sure that all information is accurate. Please pay specific attention to all of the qualifications that you list for yourself. In order for those qualifications to be recognized as valid, you must have supporting documentation on file with your agency that your agency coordinator has access to and can examine and verify. Qualifications that cannot be verified by agency coordinators will not be included on the credentialing identification card. If required qualifications cannot be verified, the agency coordinator WILL NOT approve your application. The agency coordinator is the final authority on verification of qualifications.

If you find that you are in need of a new certificate of course completion for qualification verification and you believe that Somerset County ESTA can provide such documentation, you can apply for a replacement certificate using our online form.

Be aware that issuance by SCESTA of new copies will cost $5.00 each. Also be aware that phone or walk in requests will not be accepted by SCESTA. Completion of the request form is the only way to obtain new copies of previously completed courses from SCESTA. Forms of payment that will be accepted are exact cash, money order or check.


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Additional Information for Municipal OEM Coordinators and Heads of Municipal First Responder Groups or Agencies