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 Course Information
Course: Sovereign Citizens and Militia Extremists
Category: Investigation & Identification
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
The one-day eight (8) hour presentation will focus on sovereign citizens and their rapidly increasing problematic contact with all forms of government, with a specific focus on interactions with law enforcement. Basic awareness of this growing threat and how it will directly impact the daily duties and responsibilities of law enforcement and other government entities will be discussed at length.
Attendees should expect a general “indoctrination” into the sovereign citizen movement to help further awareness, recognition and mitigation of this unconventional and bothersome problem.
Attendees will learn the fundamental principles of the sovereign citizen movement, including their ideological beliefs, pillars, doctrines, tactics, and end game. Identifying possible sovereign citizens through language identification and document recognition will be thoroughly covered. Common criminal tactics will be discussed along with numerous examples of fraudulent documents often used by these individuals to further their criminal goals.
The rapid rise of violent militia extremist activity around the country will also be covered.  Attendees will be taught to recognize common militia extremist ideology, activity, tactics and symbology, and will discuss recent criminal militia activity that has garnered national headlines. Anti-government views pertaining to gun and land rights will be discussed at length in an effort to help law enforcement understand how these issues will impact their daily duties and responsibilities.  
Cost: $179 All Students