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 Course Information
Course: Current Trends in Document Fraud
Category: Patrol
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
This course will assist law enforcement (Patrol Officers as well as Detectives) with training that will enhance their ability to recognize and identify the universe of identity-related documents issued by and relied upon by the NJ MVC and other government agencies. With emerging technology it has become increasingly difficult to identify fraudulent documents. Students will learn what tools are available to assist them in identifying counterfeit documents by providing “hands on” training and experience in the recognition of fraud as it pertains to documents such as: driver licenses, redesigned 2018 permanent resident cards, redesigned 2018 employment authorization cards, “Next Generation” passports and Social Security cards. Participants will learn the newest trends in counterfeiting of identity documents by “on-line” manufacturers, which has become increasingly common due to the ease in obtaining access to previously unpublished document security technology. The latest trend involves a significant increase in the counterfeiting of driver’s licenses from Puerto Rico. This course will also identify the differences between counterfeit and genuine NJ inspection stickers, temporary registrations and certificates of title.
In addition, this class will review facial recognition technology as it is used by the Motor Vehicle Commission on all images captured as well as the process that is used with the submission of a photo for a “manual upload”. Of paramount importance is a cutting edge investigative tool available to law enforcement at the New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC). Known as the “Facial Recognition Initiative”, this technology utilizes the Photo Imaging Mugshot System maintained by the New York/New Jersey “HIDTA” program. Along with the instruction, the students will receive a booklet with the totality of the identity document safety features, a “cheat sheet” with the 50 states driver’s license ID features and an asset sheet listing all of the investigative support services available through the MVC to law enforcement for future reference.  
Instructor: Mark Cushing (NJSP Ret.) is an investigator with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s Fraudulent Documents Training    (Class size limited to 40 students)