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 Course Information
Course: Tactical Interviewing Program w/Psycho Logic
Category: Investigation & Identification
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
The Tactical Interviewing Program is a three-day course on Interviewing and Interrogation, which emphasizes techniques that get confessions. Lt. Jerry Lewis (retired) has combined 38 years’ experience as a polygraph examiner with the study of psychology specifically applied to interrogation. As a result, he has developed PSYCHO LOGIC, the easiest and most accurate method of determining deception and obtaining confessions. Lt. Lewis believes that we give liars way too much credit and don’t give ourselves enough. PSYCHO LOGIC explains how all human minds work – how they process information and arrive at a decision to tell the truth or deny. Armed with this knowledge, interviewers understand how the Tactical Interviewing Program is the best approach, the only approach, to use with all people, regardless of their upbringing or background.
The Tactical Interviewing Program contains no filler. The concepts presented are advanced due to their uniqueness, but are easily applied by both experienced and inexperienced interviewers alike. The Interviewing process is broken down to its most basic elements. Many of these techniques were developed by the instructor after he debriefed every person that admitted the truth. He found out why they confessed when they did and why they hadn’t admitted it previously. Lt. Lewis discovered that many interviewers utilize techniques which inadvertently work against their own efforts and keep people from telling the truth! Sign up to learn the one thing that makes all people tell the truth!   
  • $375.00, Somerset & Hunterdon Counties
  • $387.50, Warren County
  • $400.00,  Out of County