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 Course Information
Course: Criminal Law and Miranda Update and Search Warrant Updates
Category: Law
Location: Somerset County Police Academy, Hillsborough
Attire: Uniform / Professional
This specially structured program updates the police administrator, supervisor, patrol officer, or investigator in recent developments in criminal law, as well as the laws governing interviews, confessions, Miranda and Search Warrants. The first session of instruction consists of a comprehensive update and presentation of recent changes in New Jersey’s criminal statutes (with a special emphasis on Title 2C), along with an in-depth analysis of their impact on law enforcement. In addition, this session provides an analysis of several new court cases, which provide new or modified interpretations of various Title 2C statutes. The second session covers the legal aspects of interviewing criminal suspects and the focus is on obtaining legally sufficient statements and confessions. There is emphasis on updating the student on such concepts as “interrogation,” “custody,” assertion of the “right to silence” or the “right to counsel,” Miranda administration, Miranda and motor vehicle offenses, the public safety exception, and outside influences. This segment of the seminar emphasizes the classical and current United States and New Jersey court decisions that govern the subject. One of the unique aspects of the seminar is its presentation. In addition to providing a comprehensive update of new material, it simultaneously serves as a refresher for those officers who have not had an opportunity to attend a Title 2C or Miranda update for a period of time.  Finally, the third session will examine the scope and intensity of a search with a warrant, this program focuses upon important aspects of the search warrant process. The following topics are addressed: (1) preparation of the affidavit and search warrant; (2) can a defective description in a search warrant be saved by description in the affidavit?; (3) the particularity requirement; (4) scope and intensity of the search; (5) what are we looking for?; (6) preparation and execution of the warrant; (7) search warrant for any instrumentalities and evidence; (8) analysis of search warrant authorizing search of all vehicles; (9) the visitor; and (10) the search, a look at some common search warrant problems.